Benefits of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a recognized Olympic Sport that not only builds strength, stamina & flexibility, it greatly improves ones overall fitness and well-being.  Taekwondo also provides many other advantages such as learning self-discipline, character development, better focus, social skills & much more. Social Skills Taekwondo is a group activity as well as a great place toContinue reading “Benefits of Taekwondo”

What is Taekwondo?

Tae Kwon Do is the Korean national sport and the most commonly practiced form of martial art in the world.  Tae Kwon Do is popular throughout the world, and has been an Olympic sport since 1988.  There are many aspects to Tae Kwon Do training. Physical Training:  In the Korean language, Tae (태) means “to kickContinue reading “What is Taekwondo?”

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