Taekwondo Outreach Ministries (T.O.M.) is a non-profit ministry under the Huntsville Dream Center. We make Taekwondo accessible to anyone by making it affordable. Our suggested fees are low so that everyone can experience the benefit that martial arts provides. Scholarships are available to families in need.

All tax-deductible fees go directly back into our ministry to further God’s purpose through Taekwondo Outreach Ministries. These funds allow us to purchase training equipment, provide scholarships to those families in need, and offset associated training & competition costs.

For your $80 per month, you will be able to be a part of a National Association and test up through the ranks of the color belts. You will also receive a Certificate that is Nationally recognized. Normal testing opportunities occur once every 2 months and classes are offered twice a week. (A minimum of 16 classes are required to test) Below there is a list of all startup cost that covers all of the necessary equipment needed for testing.

Other potential startup costs are:

$125 (adult)
  • Uniform
  • USCDKA Membership Fees (mandatory for those testing for advancement)
  • Forces of Taekwondo Textbook
  • T.O.M. USCDKA Student Portfolio
$50 (kids)
  • Uniform
  • USCDKA Membership Fees (mandatory for those testing for advancment)
  • Forces of Taekwondo Textbook

If you are a foster parent in Madison County, please contact us for possible funding resources. We work closely with the Madison County Foster & Adoptive Parent Association. Adoptive parents reach out as well.

A special Thank You to our sponsors

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